McGregor to host star-studded Notorious premiere in Dublin

Conor McGregor and his partner, Dee Devlin, will host a premiere party for his upcoming movie, Notorious, in Dublin on November. Members of McGregor’s family will also join the event, including his mother and father and sisters, Aoife and Erin. Filmed over four years, the movie is made by the same team that brought viewers the Notorious fly-on-the-wall TV series, which aired on RTE in 2015. Notorious tells the rags-to-riches tale of McGregor’s journey from broke MMA fighter to becoming the biggest star in the UFC. Directed by Dubliner Gavin Fitzgerald and his team, who followed McGregor’s rise from the Straight Blast Gym on the Long Mile Road to winning UFC featherweight and lightweight titles, the film also includes appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger, UFC President Dana White, and Jose Aldo. The cameras were also with the McGregor camp as the 29-year-old prepared for his boxing debut in the multi-million dollar megafight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. earlier this year. Fitzgerald confirms McGregor himself will be on hand to host a red carpet event in Dublin to celebrate the launch:

The world premiere will be on November 1 in Dublin and Conor will be there and some other big names. It’s going to be a big red-carpet event. Conor really wanted the premiere to be in his hometown. The film will debut here and be released worldwide throughout November…There were times when Conor would tell all the cameras to leave but then say ‘You guys can stay’. We were pretty invasive but Conor was really comfortable with us.